Artistic Expression of Original Research Workshop

AEOR is a free workshop for graduate students in the sciences to learn how to express their original scientific findings artistically. This workshop will last 10 weeks with each week representing a different art form/medium from an expert artist.
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Put the Phone Down.

Would you be surprised if I told you that 15 to 30 million Americans suffer from social media addiction? The world has rapidly changed in the last decade and continues to do so at an extremely alarming rate. The introduction of the internet, then social media, has led to a completely digitally integrated society.

Conservation Mysteries: The Kermode Bear

Ursus americanus kermodei, notably referred to as a “Kermode” or “Spirit bear” is a rare subspecies of white-coated black bear primarily seen within the Great Bear Rainforest, located alongside British Columbia’s northern and central coast. The exact nature of the bear’s unique coat and its biological role are unknown and remain just as mysterious as...

COVID-19 and Loss of Smell: Who Nose?

While COVID-19 is known for affecting the respiratory system, another more common symptom, anosmia, or the loss of smell, directs attention towards the brain.

The bees that cheated the system — and what we can learn from them

By: Jacob M. Cecala, PhD Candidate, Department of Entomology | When I share with people that there are over 1,600 species of bees in California and over 20,000 worldwide (that is more than the number of mammal, bird, and reptile species combined), I am often met with shock.
lidar surface change map with blue and red lines. Blue indicates deposition and red indicates erosion

Following the flames: studying post-fire debris flows and floods along the mountain-urban interface

By: Jimmy Guilinger, PhD Candidate, Environmental Sciences -- You have probably seen it repeated during many California winters. A major storm is about to lash the state like a firehose. Evacuation orders are issued to residents in and downstream of burn scars due to the potential for hazardous torrents of water and sediment rushing out...

Stinknet Invasion!: Understanding the impacts of invasive plants on recovering ecosystems

Climate change and the impact of human activity are causing drastic and concerning losses in ecosystems across the world. Despite these worrying losses, restoration provides hope for mitigation of some of the damage. Natural ecosystems have an ability to recover on their own; however, recovery is often impeded by invasive species. A common issue preventing...

Cheers for PEERS! Improved neural sensitivity to rewards in teens with autism spectrum disorder after intervention

Missing your family, friends, and social gatherings during quarantine? If so, it’s likely because you find social interaction to be rewarding. For some individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), this might not be the case according to the Social Motivation Hypothesis. ASD is characterized by challenges with social communication and the presence of repetitive and/or...

Charlene the Chuon: A new way to communicate the wave-particle kids!

Charlene the Chuon: A new way to communicate the wave-particle duality ... to kids! By Hannah Chu Quantum physics introduced me to the world of science communication. After taking a general physics course, I was required to do a project related to any of my coursework as part of my undergraduate honors program. Usually, students...
By Hannah Chu |
Formica ants

Collecting ants and soil throughout California mountains

Collecting ants and soil throughout California mountains Written by Madison Sankovitz Ants are some of the most widespread and numerous insects on Earth, making up an estimated 15-20% of all terrestrial animal biomass. Along with their dominance of so many different habitats, ants contribute significantly to the modification and maintenance of ecosystems. Ants are considered...
Bacterial replication

Microbes in Motion - Evolution at hyper speed!

Microbes in Motion - Evolution at hyper speed! By Jessica Trinh Evolution is a tricky topic to unravel. Trying to understand gradual changes that take place throughout the existence of… well, life itself, is no easy task. Over the course of eons, species will die off or adapt to better suit the changing environment. These...
ComSciCon '18

Our experience at ComSciCon: the perspectives of two entomology Ph.D. students

Our experience at ComSciCon: the perspectives of two entomology Ph.D. students By Hannah Chu and Madison Sankovitz ComSciCon is a workshop for graduate students (and organized by graduate students) about communicating complex and technical scientific concepts. ComSciCon attendees interact with professional communicators and build lasting networks with graduate students in science and engineering fields from...
Proton graph 2

Proton Momentum: Hiding in Plain Sight?

Proton Momentum: Hiding in Plain Sight? By Adam Green Protons at first glance seem like simple objects. They have well-defined spin (+1/2) and electric charge (-1), and we even know their quark compositions. A proton is composed of two up quarks and one down quark. If a proton is moving, it also carries a reasonably...
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