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Across the Cline

SciComm@UCR at UCR is proud to present a new science communication podcast, Across the Cline. Your host Jessica Maccaro and Catherine Nguyen bring together two experts for seemingly different fields to discuss the similarities their studies share. This voyage into what unites us in science will leave you wondering want else can be found just...Across the Cline.   

Podcast to be released on the 1st of every month with new guest and newer discoveries.

Production and sound editing by Joshua Reger. 


Across the Cline Podcast



Beyond the Bench

Beyond the Bench


What is the road to becoming a scientist? It's different for everyone. Our podcast, Beyond the Bench, delves into the stories behind scientists of all disciplines and their work. In our conversations with experts from entomologists to popular science writers, we discuss what inspires scientists on a daily basis and what it's like to work in their shoes.

Want to be a guest on our podcast? Know an awesome scientist who would be a great guest? Let us know!


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